3 Things Your Financial Advisor Should Be Doing


Choosing the right financial advisor for your specific needs and personal/financial goals can be a challenge because there are so many companies, big and small, to pick from. How do you decide which is the right fit? For those who already have an advisor, an even bigger question is: How do you know your financial advisor is still the right fit?

At Haven Financial Planning we strive to help alleviate the stress of financial burdens by educating and encouraging a feeling of confidence for our client\’s future. As a judgment free zone, we help you plan the right way based on YOUR needs.

3 Key Financial Strategies For Investors

There are 3 key financial strategies for investors that every financial advisor should be doing for their client. These strategies help manage taxes on investment gains and dividends in an effort to improve overall performance.

  1. Harvest Tax Losses: In some cases, investment losses can be transformed into strategic wins by using those losses to offset gains, which could result in a lower tax bill.
  2. Manage Capital Gains and Dividends: From holding periods to ex-dividend dates, managing these distributions has the potential to enhance your portfolio\’s tax efficiency.
  3. Plan Investments Strategically: Don\’t focus on taxes only during tax season. Tax-friendly investments and strategies or tactics designed to reduce your portfolio\’s tax liability helps make tax efficiency a year-long goal.

If your financial advisor isn\’t providing the above, give Haven Financial Planning a call. It could be time for a new advisor.

No strategy assures success or protects against loss.