3 Ways to Lower Your Grocery Bill:


Anyone who has shopped for groceries in the last month has probably noticed the increase in prices––or the decrease in what you get for what you now spend.

As a necessity, you can\’t just stop buying groceries in order to save money. Instead, you need to shop smarter so that you can still eat well but spend less.

3 Ways to Lower Your Grocery Bill:

1. Skip the soda and other bottled beverages.

Iced tea, soda, green tea, flavored water, sparking water…these may be a few of our favorite things but buying them can put a large dent in your wallet. Some bottled beverages are more than $2/bottle. Yikes! Plus, these drinks often contain excess sugar or sugar substitutes, making them bad for your health. Instead, get a reusable bottle and drink filtered tap water so you can put those dollars to better use.

2. Lean into Leftovers.

Think about how much food is in your freezer. Leftover soup, meat for when you forget to stop at the store, packages of vegetables, prepared meals…your freezer can easily become it\’s own grocery store. Plan out several meals and schedule a \”freezer week\” to clean out our freezer and skip a trip to the supermarket.

3. Buy in Bulk.

As you plan your meals for the week, pick recipes that use the same ingredients like fresh herbs, vegetables such as carrots, potatoes, or peppers, leafy greens, proteins, pastas, broths, and sauces. This way you need to buy fewer ingredients and some items offer multi-item discounts. This can also help to reduce food waste by reusing extra ingredients the next day.