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ABC’s of 403b’s

As a teacher or administrator, you have enough on your mind without worrying about the state of your retirement savings plan. But what if I told you there was a chance you were overspending on investment fees?

As a mom of three I saw in real time what teachers do firsthand during the 2020 pandemic school year and I have a whole new appreciation for you all!!  You are all unsung heroes in my book!!!  You dedicate your careers to helping our babies (and not so babies anymore) become educated, all while inspiring, having fun, and creating our world’s future leaders.  

Planning for retirement is my area of expertise and I’d like to give back and help you with your financial planning. Most importantly, your retirement and 403b.

403b’s Incur Some of the Highest Internal Fees

Don’t Let Your Retirement Savings Suffer

Here is the problem: over the many years I have seen 403b’s incurring some of the highest internal fees in the industry. It makes my stomach turn! Think about how many years you save for retirement and how easily these fees build up over time and how that will eat into your potential retirement spending.

I would love to show you how we can make these fees as minimal as possible, and potentially maximize your hard-earned retirement savings. Being an independent CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER I do not work for a bank, firm, or an insurance broker.  I WORK FOR YOU.  After learning all about your concerns, challenges, and frustrations, I help you find solutions better suited for your family’s needs to address those dreams, wishes, and goals.  

Complimentary Financial Checkup

As a thank you for your amazing dedication and an extremely difficult school year, I want to gift you a complimentary overall financial checkup. I know what it is like to always be caring for others––the kids, the family, the house, the running around. Finances and self care tend to be pushed to the back burner. This is how I can use my experience and knowledge to give back. Let’s get it done together and aim to make sure you’re not leaving money on the table!!    

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