Three Implications of the Latest Inflation Release

Overview First, Fed Will Likely Focus on Price Stability Mandate Over Growth Investors should expect the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) to focus on the inflation portion of the dual Congressional mandate for price stability and full employment, i.e., the growth component of the mandate. Although the markets are still interpreting the risks within the …

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Monte Carlo Simulation

Because the future is both uncertain and unknowable, investment planning frequently involves efforts to simulate or \”model\” the future. Given certain investment decisions, how likely is it that a particular portfolio will succeed in reaching the goals set for it? For example, will a portfolio provide enough retirement income to last the owner\’s lifetime? Will …

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When an individual borrows money to purchase a home, a type of debt called a \”mortgage\” is created. A single organization such as a bank or credit union will loan money to the homeowner, who, in return, makes monthly payments to pay off the loan. When an institution such as a government, a government agency, …

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Modern Portfolio Theory

Everyone with money to invest faces a primary question: what do I invest the funds in? In answering this question, a number of individual factors are typically considered, such as the dollar amount of investable funds, the investment time horizon, the individual\’s income tax bracket, and his or her ability to tolerate risk. It goes …

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