Business Responsibilities Under the PPACA

PPACA stands for the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act which has several goals, including increasing access to health insurance coverage, expanding federal private health insurance market requirements, and providing for the creation of health insurance exchanges to provide individuals and small employers with access to qualified health insurance.

Health Reimbursement How it Works

A Health Reimbursement Arrangement is an arrangement in which an employer reimburses an employee for qualifying medical expenses. If IRS requirements are met, the reimbursements are income tax-free to the employee and a deductible expense for the employer. Check out this visual to see how it works!

Group Disability

Group Disability covers a number of people linked in some way, such as through an employer, trade association, or a school. Benefits are paid to replace earnings lost due to accident or sickness. Generally, the cost of group coverage is less expensive but policies can vary widely. Here are some factors to consider.

Capital Gains and Losses

The Internal Revenue Code has long distinguished between income paid due to a person\’s individual effort and income received from the profitable sale of assets known as \”capital\” assets. So what is a \”capital gain\” or \”capital loss\”? Here is some basic terminology to improve your understanding.

Historic Inflation Graph

Inflation is the annual increase in the price of goods and services as measured by the federal government. Check out this graph to see the average annual inflation rate over the last 53 years!

Business Need for Disability

Protect both your personal income and financial well-being of the company in the event a \”key\” employee were to suffer long-term disability. There is no strategy or policy to protect your business from the risks posed by a key employee\’s disability because there are a number of pieces to complete the puzzle. Learn more about …

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Time and Growth on Money

When it comes to accumulating wealth, time is a vital factor to consider. The tables below illustrate the effect of time and after-tax interest in accumulating funds.

Managing your Debt

Most Americans today cannot imagine living without at least some debt. The ability to borrow money, when it\’s needed and on favorable terms, is a privilege earned by carefully managing your debt obligations.Learn more about borrowing money and managing your credit record.