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The Rule of 72 and the Rule of 115

Interested in doubling or tripling an investment? The rule of 72 and the rule of 115 are handle mathematical rules to help you estimate how many years it will take for an investment to double or triple at a specified rate of return.

What is CPI?

The Consumer Price Index is the government\’s method of measuring the price of goods and services bought by urban wage earners and clerical workers. Check out the graph below to see the overall increase in the cost of living since 1967, as a result of inflation.

Types of Mortgages

Whether you\’re interested in purchasing your first home, are a new homeowner, or have owned your \”forever\” home for a decade, there\’s a high possibility you will pay or pay a mortgage. Discover the different types of mortgages, read a brief overview, and see which mortgage type best fits your needs.

Debt Repayment Strategies

Not all debt is bad. Debt which helps build for the future, such as student loans, home mortgages, and business development tools, is often seen as \”good\” debt. But too much debt, good or bad, can be overwhelming. Here are some debt repayment strategies to help you retake control of your finances.

Checking Your Credit Report

We get endless questions surrounding Credit Card usage, Credit Cred debt, and Credit scores. But what about your Credit Report? Are there specific reasons you should or should check it? What information makes up a Credit Report? Find out below!

Planning for Kids Going to College

Every young adult deserves the right to attend college but the unfortunate truth is that, depending on the type of college they choose, it can become a major financial undertaking. From budgeting ahead of time to student loans to financial aid, here are some basic steps to consider for going to college.

Planning for the Recently Divorced

Being \”suddenly single\” can be an emotional and financial roller coaster. Divorce can happen at any age and means that you are in charge of your personal finances. So, it\’s important to find the right people and resources to help make decisions on financial issues you might not be familiar with.

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COBRA Coverage Continuation

An employer who has 20 or more full-time-equivalent employees on at least 50% of its working days during the prior year must meet the requirements of IRC Sec. 4980B, also known as COBRA. Learn about continuation coverage, notice and election requirements, and the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021.