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How to Pay Down Debt

Feel Like You\’re Drowning In Debt? There are plenty of programs available for purchase that claim to have the cure all to getting you debt free, but at the end of the day you don’t need any of them! The bottom line is you need to work hard to make money to pay down debt. There …

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Facing Possible Unemployment? Take These Steps to Prepare

If you’re facing unemployment or concerned about the possibility of upcoming layoffs, there are some small, proactive steps you can take now to help make this difficult time more manageable.  Build Your Network. It’s estimated that over 80% of open positions are filled through networking.1 The easiest time to build your network is while you …

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Begin Investing While Young

You’re never too young to begin building an investment portfolio. There’s a simple word that has profound implications for savings and investing: compounding. Like a snowball that grows as it rolls down a hill, compounding provides the potential for your money to grow, reinvesting your investment earnings. It is a basic model for growth potential, …

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