Katie Weibel on AM Buffalo

Budgeting For The New Year

Haven Financial Planning\’s own Katie Weibel joined Emily and Mercedes on AM Buffalo to discuss budgeting and creating a spending plan for the new year.

We are all fighting $$$ problems on multiple fronts. With down markets, inflation, soaring prices, savings at an all-time low, and gas tax breaks ending, everyone is feeling the impact.

To top it all off, employers pay increases (for those who have received them) are not keeping up with these increased costs or student loan payments which resume in June.

According to NerdWallet\’s study, the average household has to spend $11,500 more a year, while large families spend as much as an extra $21,000 a year!

Now it is more important than ever to tackle your finances and work with an expert CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER to build a sustainable spending plan tailored for your family and goals.

At Haven Financial Planning, we just do that. We are a judgement free zone and we work with YOUR needs and goals at the forefront. Contact us today at 716.458.1900 or schedule an introductory call.