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Build a Financial Plan for Your Future

Talking about money can cause stress and anxiety. At Haven Financial Planning, we are a judgement free zone where you can ask any and all money related questions to better your own personal understanding throughout the financial planning process.

Know your money to grow your money.

At Haven Financial Planning we will completely customize a financial plan to fit you and your family. We address all your money challenges, concerns, and frustrations, and work together on how to help you work towards your family’s specific personal and financial dreams, wishes, and goals.

We take a team approach. In some cases, we will need to work with external professionals, such as your attorney CPA. We work with Medicare, Private/Group Health, Home, and Auto experts to ensure all of our clients’ needs are addressed.

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Build a Financial Plan for Your Future

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Why It’s So Important

The following are examples of ways I’ve helped my clients in real life:

Example One

Picture this: Romeo and Juliet are homeowners with a young family. In their meeting we address their questions and concerns regarding money saving versus spending. Even though it appeared on the surface that they had made all the right financial decisions with money, like maxing retirement savings, as we built a financial plan we found that the numbers revealed something as simple as refinancing their mortgage would save them over $50,000. Although both were maxing out their retirement contributions, this additional savings will make a big impact on pursuing their goals in the future. This is why taking the time to run a financial plan is so important. It allows us to take a second look to help ensure we are not leaving money/savings on the table. Sometimes, simply restructuring your existing cash flow can open opportunities for additional savings.

Example Two

Picture this: Jack and Jill worked with a bank advisor to create an investment strategy. In our financial planning process we uncovered Jack was paying over 2.5% in fees (this is extremely high!) and did not address their investment goals. By shifting to a different investment account, they are now in better suited investments for their goals with lower fees, thus increasing their chance to earn more money towards retirement over the next 10 years. In the end, Jack and Jill will save upwards of $5,000/year over the next 10 years. One of their big goals was to be able to travel extensively during retirement and they didn’t think it would be possible.  Because of our panning and cost savings, it is looking more and more likely to come to fruition for them!

Example Three

Picture this: Eve dreams of buying her own house but can’t quite afford the mortgage payment since she’s just starting out in her career. In our financial meeting we developed a savings plan that enabled her to purchase a double home and rent out the other half to supplement the mortgage payment. This still allows her to add to her emergency savings and retirement savings each month.  Years down the road she will able to buy that dream home because her savings built up, plus the rental income is additional income which helps her family live the life they wanted just because she planned early on, stayed accountable, and worked hard. Just imagine being in your 40s and having almost no debt, your dream home, and a nice cushion in savings and retirement! These are the clients I love because we become friends as we work so closely together for years and work through obstacles as they come.

These are just a few ways a financial plan can uncover opportunities to better your family’s future.